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W1 – 5 Bladed Lotus



Hit the light and don’t hit the lotus.


Move – Arrowkeys

Shoot – Space


Download(60mb) Windows Mac Linux

Play Online (Scirra Arcade)

Extra information:





(sorry for the bad english, I’m writing this very late in the week and just want to get it down before its over. Hopefully some of it is understandable :) )

I read this (Game a week) article about making a game in a week. At first it felt overwhelming and undoable. I have already read about committing yourself, ”making art”, etc, but most of it feels like soul killing. You might get better but in the end you lose the love, which are the very reason you want to do it in the first place. But one thing stuck with me, a quote from the article about a pot making school, how they learn the whole process, and get a better holistic view of the working process. I also played a lot of the game from this blog, who started to make a game in a week. The games are small, most of them not that good, but I started to understand how the ”challenge” was less about making a lot of work in a week, but instead to make the right kind of work. I holistic view. And there are some of the games she made, thats really good. Like, how could she do that in a week, because she went through all of the other games, the week before.

So I toyed around with the idea of just trying to make a game, and I managed to make it playable the first day. Very simple, with blocks and a core game loop. That was a great relief, because I had already finished the game, in a rough state, but everything I made after that was a ”bonus”. And I ended up spending a lot of time on the game. Because I wanted it to get better, but I couldent do it later. The rules are to make a game in a week and not to work on in the next weeks.

The game idea was to make a side scrolling shooter, with only the boss battle. I imagined a big titan lashing out its attacks on the player. When I had made the box version, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to make the animation, so I changed theme. The theme wasn’t clear, I just know that I wanted something else then ships in space. So I toyed round with objects that really look explanatory, affordance (design of everyday things), and realized that its very hard to have a coherent theme, so I just when with items with strong affordance, I could draw.

One thing I like a lot more with ”game a week” then game jams are that theres a lot more time for down time, to reflect. Most of the times in game jam, after the first creative spark the rest is work, and its hard to reflect without some distance to the project.

Some random thoughts:

I like the idea about negative score. I tried to use it to not have the player shoot all the time, redundant design in a lot of shooters. It kind of works, but sometime it can get to punishing leaving the player with negative high score. I kind of like when a hand appears, hard to hit but gives a lot of score, like the small alien i space invaders. And I really want to hit it, I hit it eventually, but in the process I shoot the lotus a lot and end up with less score then when it appeared.

I like generating shields, it doesn’t kill the player for whiffs, but it still gets hard when theres a lot on the screen.

Actually, I ended up making more design decisions on this project then on like, all of the game jams combined. Mostly because I can deiced everything :) an because theres more downtime in between sessions.

I explored vibration on mobile, would be interesting to make a game based on vibration as interface.

I had/have issues with volume compared to the different sound effects. I got one tips of having all sounds in a sound editor at the same time, and changing the volume there, before exporting then to the engine. I will try that in future projects.

Also, it takes a lot of time to make and add art and sound to the engine. I’m toying round with the concept to leave future games in “box-state”. Its not something you show to people, but its still playable and show the core of the idea, and leave more time for game design. Its also a kind of trap. When you start to polish things, you cant just throw in some boxes. It gets uneven, super polished in one corner and rough in the other, that almost look worse then all rought. I’m not sure, maybe because it breaks the illusion, frankenstain. Anyway, it might be easier to just leave all of it in a work in progress state. But I have to admit that polish adds a lot, especially screen shake! It felt more then vibration.

Also, I made no external play testing except in the very end, Would be nice to find some good solution to that.

Game A Week: Getting Experienced At Failure by Rami Ismail –

MsMinotaur Game a Week by Adriel Wallick –


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