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W2 262 Moments


Screenshot from 2016-09-26 23:47:00.png

A time based platform exploration game with classic 1800 century impressionistic art.

Navigate the intricate maze while locating the 4 runes, before the time runs out.


Move – Arrowkeys

Jump – Up

Q – Art label

Download (180mb) windows mac





Fit the game to the weeks schedule. The game was over ambitious to start with, but it definitely didn’t work when I was busy most of the weekend. What I learned is that in some weeks it might be better to make a smaller game, to fit in the schedule, and make something more interesting next week.

I really like to make games, and maybe to much. It’s a gift to really dive deep into a game project, but its also a curse, to have a passion to work more then what I can handle. Its kind of a paradox, but I will look out for it in the future. Trying to see the signs, and scale down the project.

Export the project earlier, and test it on different computers. A lot of bugs are discovered on extortion, and most of these things are the last thing I want to do in the end of a project.

Put up the page information and readme file early, once again I write them at the last minute.

Layout and text in construct don’t work so well, because the font size slightly change depending on operation system and browser. I used a text where the size of the window is used to change line breaks. It didn’t work, and some of the text ended up on the wrong line or wasn’t visible at all. Future tips, have two text objects, if line breaks are crucial. And make the text box bigger as a buffer.

People don’t expect to play test bigger games. Most of the people I showed the game to expected the tutorial to be the full game… It puts focus on in what kind of context to play test the game. If I’m like, ”hey, do you want to test my game”, I can expect the play session to be fairly short, like max 5-10 min. If not the game are super fun, and have no good breaking points.

Its easy to do a lot in a project without doing the important parts. Here the thing I really needed to do was to get the feedback loop to work, but because I made a bigger game it was really hard to get the maps done and this had the effect where the game have a fairly tight short feedback loop, but the bigger loop didn’t work at all.

The game got to big. When I made the tutorial, I realized that it would have been nice with a smaller map in between the tutorial and the original map. Because it turned out that a lot of rooms, are really confusing, a lot more then what I expected.

I really like how the art works. Theres a lot of great art. Maybe not enough filler art, when every room have a sunset etc, it starts to lose its magic. I tried to balance it by having set pieces, midrange and low key. But the low key wasn’t anonymous enough.

I really like to use the physics in a platform game. I will use them other times.

I like the pots and how the coins fly over the screen.

The great moments with timed games is when you are very close to run out of time and barley makes it. Most of the game play don’t feel that way. I have been toying around with the idea, the way its made in racing games, where you aim for checkpoints and its fairly short between them, and they give extra time. But that another problem in a exploration game.

Also, I was planning to add more randomness. Moving goals and having enemies teleport you around etc. I still like that idea but, I want randomness and some consistency. Because the fun thing is about figuring out how to get somewhere, plotting out the route, but if everything changes you never get to learn the level. So my solution was to have seeds and let the player explore each seed fully, and then change to another. But I realized that it was over scoped, so I just made one version, aka no randomness.

I also made a map of the game. 3 versions depending on where the player can go, how far in the game it is. I think that method works well, and I will use it more in the future.

I would have liked to add more hard / platforming rooms, most of the rooms in the game are just traversal. And to have more interesting dead ends. Or just to take what I have in a smaller, more action packed, level.

I also really liked the art label feature. Making the game more like a art experience then a game.

Also I would have liked to make a mobile version. But tbh, I think its better to have one version of games, and make it work as good as possible on that format. Because even if the game is playable on the other platforms, it might get harder etc based on input methods. But I still think it would have worked well with gyro to move, and touch to jump. Just maybe not as well as with a controller.


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