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W3 CryoRacers



The Republic has fallen. Key personal are Cryofrozen and transported to Mars for the foundation of the new republic. Only a fraction of the survivors will make it. They are called CryoRacers.


Move – arrow keys or wasd

Break – up or w

Download (60 mb) windows mac linux


2016-10-01 d5 CryoRace2.png

2016-10-01 d5 CryoRace3.png

2016-10-01 d5 CryoRace1.png


My goal this week was to make a short game, which would not take up all my free time to make. Its hard. I had a lot of different ideas at the beginning of the week but decided to make a guitar hero clone. Any way, I attended a meting and ended up drawing a futuristic cars, so I moved over to that project instead, because it was more exciting and hopefully not to complicated.

What went well:

I made 3 exports of the game, in different parts of the development.

I like how the axelormeter works to steer the car. In a way it feels more natural then the pc version. I would like to update the mobile controlls of the first weeks game, 5BladedLotus, in a similary way.

I like the screen shake effects, and out zoom, when the cars get a higher speed. I also had a bug must of the project, which made the car move up and down in a glitch like fashion. I fixed it on day 6, it had to do with the pin to object, and scrolling the screen to that object. I just moved it to the player instead.

It worked well to add all of the sound effects in a audacity file and change the volume to match each other.

Its kind of a trap with public domain music. It sounds good right out of the box, but if I want something different I have to find it, and its very hard to find something super specific. It works well to use the sounds, but in future game projects I would like to be able to spend more time to try to make music. I alos found some great musicians, who released their sound in public domain.

AndreOnate, I used a lot of his sounds for 5BladedLotus, ex Drumloop-Warrior Break, Being of Electric Breath (I really like that name) and kasumi roll.

Stereo Surgeon, he made the drum loop in the end of the game, Grinder drumloop (aka, grinder from hell), and this is the moment and more. I want more of does, spoken phrases, the sound I reacored for the intro is barley understandable…

It works very well to search for files, and if I find any interesting sounds, then look up who made it, and check out the rest of theirs catalog. But yes, I didn’t really spend the time to compose the song, and instead used it as sound effects and random ambiance. It works, but I will look up a basic tutorial, “techno music 101”, later.

I only made one level for this game. I could have made more, but I think its better to have a holistic perspective, and most people I asked for playtesting couldn’t spend much time to explore all of the content. This game is also a lot easier then the other games.

I realized that when I talk about games, I usually do it from the perspective of mechanics. But thats not especially interesting to most people, so I tried to spend some time on the fantasy. By adding a intro screen, and putting details for game feel. Its not anything special, the game is basically f-zero. But its very nice when I’am able to imagine how something sounds and feels. Not because I have played f-zero, but because of the “monster futuristic car”-fantasy the games tries to deliver. A lot of the times, the mechanics come first, and its nice when it works well mechanically in the game, but it can create a different problem. “Fantasilös” (translate: without interpretation, without image, unimaginable), I stated with a kind of object which killed the player on contact. I had it in most of the development, but removed it in last day, because I couldn’t come up with art for it. I imagined it as crashed cars, with a big oil spot and a lot of smoke streaming from the top. But I couldn’t come up with a doable art solution for that. So I just kept the oil and made it slow down the player.

A funny anecdote. I made the credits on the level, by printing my name “by: Christoffer Lundberg” on the racing track. It was pretty big, at least 1000x high and 10 000x wide. Well it turns out construct have problems rendering text at high resolution. Especially on mobile where I had fps down to 10. So I made a big sprite instead. Works on PC, no lag. But on mobile I got a error massage about issues with sprites bigger then 2048x. I was thinking if it was worth finding a solution, but I ended up to divide image in smaller parts, and just put them together in the editor.

I also got another error, from the export on mobile. I named a image fil “tåg1” (train), works in the editor. When I tried to export it in intel xdk, I get a error like “ Can only use ascii in file names”. We had the same problem before in another project. But its still a little annoying, with all the technology, and I can’t name files in my spoken language… Oh well.


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