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W5 Mecanical Emotions



A long forgotten recording from your farther. A changing song, and the emotions of the machines.


Move – Arrow keys

Download (60 mb) Windows, Mac, Linux


Title song Path to lake land  by Alexandr Zhelanov

mechanical-emotions-screenshot-1 mechanical-emotions-screenshot-2 mechanical-emotions-screenshot-5


This game could have been anything. The thing was, I had little time that week for game development, but at the end of the week was a game jam, which I attended, but only for a day. I had a lot of different game ideas, I eventually decided to run with this idea because a friend of mine posted a message about a dream, which I was inspired by as the back story for the game. I usually think of games from the mechanical perspective, and its nice when inspiration strikes from the narrative perspective. I also decided to use a public domain art library, based from the game glitch (Home page, open game art page, List of all Glitch graphics). I made the game playable in the game jam, and added a introduction and the sound effects the week later, when I returned from a trip.

Public domain art library – It was very nice to use graphics from a already existing game. Mostly because there was so much different material to chose from. But it also bring different problems.

No graphic for mechanics – For instance, the original game, Glitch, was a 2D platforming game which fit my game idea, but instead of action, was a kind of social game. So I had no standard mechanical components, think spikes or enemies. The reason I chose this art library was because its in svg, so I can go in and tweak things to better fit the project, like colors, and small details. And I can technically make new graphics in the same style, although its time consuming. Also, because of how the game handled animation in the software, instead of sprite based, I have none of it. So most of the art are from back grounds and props.

Environment art is time consuming – I already know this, but its more visible in very short projects. One of the reasons I like the Glitch art library is because of how much different components it contains. Like normally you get one cactus, here you get 7 variants. The only problem is that you still need to place them. (Accentually, I could have just put one cactus, and randomized the rest, I might actually try it another time) And the game used separate collision boxes, on top of the graphics. I started to put it out, but left half of it unfinished, with only the collision boxes, and no polished graphic.

Uncategorized art assets – Theres a lot of art assets from the game. I only used the components from one theme, which contained over 600 components. I started to put all of them into one svg file, but it took to much time, so I just took the parts I wanted to used. Currently there is a file with all of the components in alphabetic order, I would like to make a index based more one theme, like items, floor, threes, etc. But it was also kind of fun, digging, trying to find something to fit into the game. I really like the bottom up approach. The method of using existing graphics feels a lot like putting together warhammer miniatures in different ways, trying to be creative with the parts that already exists.

Demo splash screen – I added a splash screen when the game ended, like the ones usually used in demos back in the days. It doesn’t end the game, put tells the player that they have  experienced all the content there is, and gives some information, here the credits. I like it, because, its not the end credits used in longer games, but it fills the same purpose in a shorter game, without having it as “the end”.


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