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W6 Awake On Crete



A biographic, walking simulator, point and click game.

You wake up in Crete and discover that you have overslept. Get to the conference room at the hotel as fast as possible.

Download (111 mb) Windows, Mac & Linux.




Nice to make a game with out a feedback loop. Although its harder, its hard to know if the game is “fun”, and its hard to replay, because I already experienced everything earlier. I guess the same kind of problems arise with more story based game experience.

I like how the sound effects turned out, I recorded them on my guitar. I usually don’t record things for game projects because the editing process afterwards just gets messy. But it was pretty easy now. I just aimed for a specific effect, played some thing, pick out the best one, cut it, and exported it straight away. Also the music I include in the game are less music and more fragmented pieces, which was easy enough to edit, aka, close to no edit… :)

It was kind of a mess to handle so much big pictures, so I made the decision to use as low scaled images as possible, just to cut down on the file size, with a resolution of only 800 x 600. Still, the game ended up taking 100 mb, and have a notifiable loading time on mobile. I didn’t even bother to check it on web/html5. Also a lot of the images look really low res, mostly because they are from a video click. I explored some alternatives to vectorize them, but none looked good, and all took to much time.

All in all I’m pretty happy with the result, I especially like the mood in it. And I like the variation on the back sound effect, and that I managed to throw in the back button on mobile in the last minute (space on desktop).

I think I could have done more on the level design, but it was hard because I only had the material I had recorded from the trip. I would probably have taken a shorter route, and with more variations. Also more carfully picked the junction points, a lot of them are, a the least, cryptic.

I also like how when you pick the “wrong way”, you get to see something of interest. Instead of punishing the player for taking the wrong way, its kind of a reward. It reminds me a little about The Path by Tale of Tales, where the game ends very quickly if you take the right path, and all of the interesting stuffs starts to happen when you divert from the path, into the forest. Which it is also dangerous and will ultimately kill off the character. And how I OCD cruising over the map, to collect all of the, what ever it was, totally destroyed the mood. Also I had one play tester trying to discover all different paths, and got annoyed when the paths start to mix up a little. Its interesting how a very none demanding game can provoke frustration when you apply more standard game behavior / heuristics, like here for example, explore everything. Its easy to do it in a game like Dead Space, where there is only one branch of the main path, but it really feeds no purpose in this kind of game, because you miss nothing, in the form of pick ups or upgrades. The only thing you miss is the experience, but you already kind of lost it by collectionism. Oh well, its hard to make games that suits different player types. Its kind of interesting how I expect a game that have no demands on the player to be relaxing, but how it instead can provoke, with the lack of feedbacks.


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