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W8 Rationalize Now


A game about finding out strange decisions and trying to explain them afterwards.

To think about or describe something (such as bad behavior) in a way that explains it and makes it seem proper, more attractive, etc.” (Definition of rationalize from Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary)

What you need

  • 4+ players
  • Pen and paper
  • Some dices
  • A list of rationalizations

Rule Summary

The game contains two different roles, two player are challengers and the other participants are judges. The challengers get one decision and one minute to come up with a rationalization. The judges then vote on the one they prefer the most. Most votes gives the challenger one point. Each par plays three rounds and then the challengers are rotated, until everyone have meet each other (round robin) or decided by the players. The players with the most points at the end face each other in a showoff in three rounds and the winner are dubbed the person with the most rational world views.

Rules (pdf)



Games that generate discussions – We tried to make games that would generate moral dilemmas or interesting decisions which could be used to generate discussions. This game is made on a little different premiss. Instead of trying to make a game where the players need to make the decision, in this game the desiosion has already been made, and the players just needs to come up with a explanation, or rationalization of the decision.

A statement – Its kind of a strong statement. That people (sometimes) makes decisions, not based on rational decisions, but instead on emotional or intuitive basis, and then creates the rational afterwards. Like, sometimes you find yourself in a situation where you have done something or made a decision that you don’t think is right, and it needs to get covered up somehow. Like why you didn’t wake up early, or didn’t make a game that week. “But you know people need to sleep, and if I would go to school tiered I would work more ineffective, so it would just be a waste of time, therefore its better to sleep extra that morning.” Its tricky no identify them, to differentiate between what I actually think and what I have slipped over to include in my world views, just to keep my actions in the zone of whats “right”.

In that way this game is pretty cynic, and kind of a parody, because you would never identify yourself with most of the decisions; and yet you can construct rational arguments for them…? And how are the people, the judges, whom got the right to value your and others “rationalizations”.

The players contribute some the material – Also when I tried to make the game, I was in a situation of deciding what decisions that would be hard to make. And it was hard, because the ones I think are wrong others might think are self explanatory. And where to draw the line of things not to get in the game. In that way I like how the players gets to make a impact in the game by deciding themselfs of the material of the game, the decisions.

Anyway, I think that the challenge of games that generate discussions is interesting and I have far from depleted the subject. So I would like to make more games like it.

Limited play test with board games – I actually made this game because I didn’t have time to make a video game. Still its a big problem with “board games”, if they involve other players, you need to find time for a play test. And they are going to be limited, so you don’t get a lot of “glances of the panting”, which is a problem. So this is just the version after the first play test. Thats kind of why I haven’t made any board games in a week before. But now we had a game evening in the philosophy club, so I already had everything set up.

Rules takes time to write – It didn’t take to much time to make the core rules, but when we play tested I changed some variables, and got a lot of material for the decisions (I want more of them, if I get more opportunities to play the game hopefully we can generate more of them). But afterwards it took some time to write the rules. I want the rule book to have more visual components, its important because the rules are the physical representer of the game, when I’m not talking about it. But I figured I’d just have it done some time, so here it is :)


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