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W11 Run Just Run


RunJustRun ScreenShot-2 2017-01-18.png

You escape from your fluffy warm imprisonment and walk hungry into the cold dark world of concrete. You manage to survive on corne cattered around in the corners. At a distant you hear a rough sound coming your way. You only have one option… Run, Just Run.


Move – Arrow keys or WASD

Action – Space

Play Online

Download Windows (gdrive 55mb)

RunJustRun ScreenShot-3 2017-01-18.pngRunJustRun ScreenShot-1 2017-01-18.png


Goal was to make a Pac-Man like game in the dark with AI reacting to your sound. Its kind of like that… But was hard to balance when the AI can walk around as it wish, and suddenly put you in a corner. So balancing was absolutely a problem, and I would probably have needed to make more levels, and just put the levels that happened to be easier first, because, it was hard to pinpoint the level of difficulty.

I also spend some time on making introduction levels, which ended up being fun, surprising narrative.

Action/ chicken scream redundant – I like how the mechanic ended up working from a game design stand point, how it gives more information about the surrounding, show some of the dogs, but cost energy and can attract the dogs if used careless. But when I had play tests most of them tried it in the beginning, but ended up not using it any more. And tbh I seldomly us it when I play tested, so it ended up to feel redundant. Which is beyond my understanding, but interesting to figure out why.

The graphic and sound are pretty work in progress, but it works, I started on this game pretty late in the week, and had some problems to get basic AI to work (I used a tutorial from construct 2 in the end).

Health/time meeter – I also like how the health meeter works. Its kind of like a hungry meeter, which slowly goes down and goes up when you eat dots, but it also works as health, which makes you survive some hits from the spikes. So you can play slow and never step on the spikes, but if you play it to slow, you end up losing more lives then on just running in a specific moment. And the right moment is usually when you are almost being caught by a dog.

Like Pac-Man, but not exactly like (…) – Fun fact, in the first play test every one expected the game to end when you collect all dot, like in pacman, probably because I said that it was like Pac-Man. An example of negative transference. Hopefully the introduction levels will make it clear that you can enter big white squares.

I also like how the drum beat have the same rhythm as when the spikes goes up and down.

Fog of War – I also think that a lot happens with the game when the board is covered with fog of war. You walk over it a lot slower, because you don’t see that far, and because theres timed spikes every where. And you don’t know exactly where the hunters are. The game gives you some hints, but its not easy to multi task, maybe to hard (more play test would say). I also decided to not have power ups. It wasn’t so much of a conscious design decision, but was more that it didn’t fit the game feeling. You can still fool around with the dogs with the chicken scream, teasing them to get there and then run around to the other side of the level. But you cannot go invisible and eat them. (lol, Ripley can’t do that in Alien neither…)

So over all I’m pretty happy with the game. It explores game design, and its playable. Not to polished, but tbh, its not the purpose of these games neither. This project was also a collaboration, so it might get some updated graphics eventually :)


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