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Platformer Tutorial in Construct 2


Tutorial foto.jpg

This is a intrudoctionary tutorial for construct 2 in making a basic platforming game in 30 minutes. The tutorial was made for a local maker space event where it was used for a lecture and will be used in workshops. There will hopefully be a part 2 with more enemy variations, and a english edition.

Swedish PDF

Use Adobe reader and print it as a booklet, double sided pages. Fold it in the middle and use something pointy to make holes for the stables, approximately 4 cm from the top and bottom.

Update 1.1 2017-10-19 – Typos





Minimalistic but more steps then you would think – It was very interesting to make a tutorial. Mostly because theres a lot of them out there and I wanted to make the tutorial as minimal as possible. Where some tutorials start with adding animations and tile sets, this one uses only the bare bone placeholder graphics. And yet when the tutorial contains nothing else it takes surprisingly many steps to complete. When I think about construct and platformers its basically just using the premade behaviors and your done. But no. If its the first time using the interface and you don’t know that you should click one the blue Behavior text instead of the gray one, theres still a lot of confusion involved. I made to play tests, but it probably needs more.

Pictures – One thing that I decided to do that is different from other tutorials out there is to only show the bare minimum that is needed, not only in mechanics but also in words. It is good to have a tutorial that explains things, why you do it, which gives a deeper understanding. But because this tutorial would work in tandem with workshops and lectures it would only work as a reference. And a lot of the time when I read tutorials I find myself looking for a solution for a specific problem and have to read through a lot of thing a all ready know or don’t really are relevant right know. So I wanted the tutorial to be easily referenced and skimmable (skimming… as a verb…). So I decided to have a lot of picutres and only the most basic descriptions.

Printable – I when with some hint boxes, and I probably want more in a updated version, but over all a really like the formate. Also the thing that it was made to be printable. Its a little annoying to want to have a extra line of description, but it doesn’t fit because of the page size. But I really think that being able to print it out adds a lot of versatilaty, to not need to tab around to see what the tutorial says. Of course dual screens are good, but I really like the ability to have physical objects. To be able to skim through it, to take notes, to give it to someone… all the glory to the digital age, but old fashion paper never gets old fashion, not yet at least.

With or with out a art package? – I spend some time looking for nice creative common art, and found some nice tiles from One of them was a super cute hand drawn style platformer, where I got the idea that it would be interesting if people could draw game art for and then scan of photograph it into the computer. Its kind of messy, but I really like the idea of have art that inspires creation. If I would use some nice game graphic, like kennys art the game would look nice, but it would be harder to add something thats not in the sprite sheet, so its like two steps forward and then one back. I also had some ideas of having graphics that kind of screamed “change me”. Like having so ugly art that anyone could change it to something better, or like having in complete levels, where theres like flowers in the beginning, but the maker (I first wrote player…) can continue in the same style.

Complete art package++ – Or like having a tool box of graphics, like from everything, so the maker can choose from different styles and having a lot of content for all of it. Unfortunately theres really few complete game packages out there, and most certainly not that support different variations. Its kind of a idea. Making all kind of art, for a lot of overlapping games. Thats kind of what kenny have done, but the art feels kind of generic, and its not a lot of wiggles room (if you want a mechanic thats not in there you cant pick like a duck from a animal sprites, and combine it with a human to make ducktails). It works but its not inspiring. its not like this art deco pixel style  or these 8-bit throwbacks(by surt) or these space ships (by MillionthVector). I just want to make space shooters when I see them, and I don’t event like space shooters that much. And the glitch graphic… Anyway, I really like the Idea of a complete, or inspiring art packages, kind of make me think of the hobby in Warhammer (Link to my old painting blog). But its also important that its possible to add things to it, so that it can feel expandable upon. Theres a lot of free art there, but not a lot that covers your specific needs, and that works together with different styles.

What kind of tutorial game – One think I have starting to think about totally is about the different generations of players, and what kind of games they references to, as goto, and therefore have a interest to make. For my generation, platformers are totally nice to make. Or shooters, or action games. And in 3D fps. But tbh, if you are 10 now, what are the odds that you have played a standard platformer on with a controller? A more suitable goto game would probably be minecraft, or I don’t know, flappy bird or andgry bird. I just went with the platformer this time, but its a interesting challenge. Because construct 2 is made for a specific kind of games in mind, to make these games easier to make. But what if your aren’t interested to make them. All of the easy to use paradigm falls on the false belief of old game genres. How hard would it be to make a crafting system in construct 2?



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