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Tales of Mermaidia Global Game Jam 2017


An adventure game where Marina, the jellyfish girl, fight against the evil giant Crab: Ma Geddon. Marina activates mechanical boxes to fight off the crab minions, eat sushi! And knock off roof crabs against MaGeddon. To finally bring peace to Mermaidia…


Maneuver – Arrow keys or WASD

Swim dash – Space

Electric Attack – Z or Left Shift

Game Pad

Maneuver – Left stick or D-pad

Swim dash – A

Electric Attack – X


Programming – Christoffer Lundberg

Illustrations – Linda “Zolah” Lundquist

Background Animals -Therese “NoxSketch” Lundmark

Title Logo – Jonas Lundmark

Music – JoneCee

Download 1.1 Windows(60 mb)

Global Game Jam Post

Screenshot (137).png


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