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W14 GodRail



Godlike rail shooter purging the metropolis.


Aim – Mouse

Shoot – Left Click

Play Online



Tilt Background:

Music: (Level 1)

Ground Texture:

Sound effects are made in sfxr:


I originally planed to make another game this week, and spent some time thinking about how to implement it. It didn’t work out, so I made this game just at the end of the week, kind of inspired by Nuclear Throne and rail roads. I got the idea of rail roads a long time ago, I think it was from Jamestown (level 4 mines). I will eventually make the other game idea later, but it shows how its a lot harder to make games top down, start with broad concepts, instead of bottom up, start with the game play. Because when I make games on my free time, its easyer to work on the game when its also playable.

Boost rails, boost power and rhythm enemy – I first planned to have a boost function, where the player can boost or slow down to dodge enemy projectiles. One of the main points of the rail mechanic was to limit the players movement from four directions to two. Mostly because its possible to create more fixed encounters, and to mix up the top down shooter formula. To simplify I just made targets instead of shooting enemies, which made the boost/slowdown redundant. The boost is still in the game, but not necessary because the boost rails/pads already speeds up a lot, along with the section clearing targets. (Which actually cuts down the controls to one button and mouse, which makes a mobile version possible.) I still want to include some kind of rhythm enemy in a future version, like, you have to boost to not get hit by machineries or something.

section cleared target – This object still have a metaphor problem, because the art are really rushed. But its suppose to be some kind of level which speeds up the movement in specific sections, and gives points. So instead of shooting all the targets and waiting for the cart to progress, without anything to do, you shoot the section cleared target and speed it up.

placeholder sound – Super nice to put in placeholder sound early, because it gives direct feedback. It ended up being the final sound, but 8-bit sound works with this game, and fits with the music.

Super big bullet

Laser beam – I also planned to have a laser beam which would hit multiple targets but be really slow to use. So you have to time it right to aline multiple targets. No moving targets made it into the game so it fell kind of flat.
And one use pick ups weapons, and classes with a different ability and stats (like, slow and with boost ability or fast with a shield ability like the classes in Nuclear Throne), I really planned to throw it in, because I had different abilities, (speed up, slowdown, laser, machine gun). But I ended up not doing it because of the lack of variables to change other then that (theres no health, ammo, only movement speed which is kind of limited to change)   and a boss fight (having one rail looping around, different hit targets appearing and bullets to dodge)…


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