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W16 Bigfoot Battle


Bigfoot Battle StartScreen.png

Giants competing with elemental forces of the highlands in a strategic two player duel.


Chose elements – keyboard, mouse or touch

Play Online (also works on mobile)

Bigfoot Battle tutorial.png

Bigfoot Battle Gameplay.png


Made in Construct 2

Public domain music by Juhani Junkala (Level 2)

Sound effects are made in sfxr


The idea of the game is base on a strategy game design book; Clockwork game design by Keith Burgun (Keith Burgun also have a youtube channel which describes the same concepts, don’t take them as objective truth, but as a alternative, and exchange all uses of “games” with “strategy games” or “clockwork games”). The main concept of the book is how to create strategy games with as few components as possible which also don’t use design elements as: fast reactions, memorization, grinding and random outcome. I don’t agree with the author on why these elements should be avoided, but I consider it as a interesting challenge, and Bigfoot Battle is the result. (But rock, paper, scissor was considered as a kind of random outcome, as well as simultaneous actions, but hey I tried )

Its nice to have a limited number of components with almost no parameters, because its a lot less to think about for balancing the game, which is nice in short projects. But its also harder to add new objects. Still theres some ideas about having different elements which change lains, slow down other elements and how different terrains on the levels could interact with them.

Also some ideas about resource gathering as a alternative win condition.

It was also the first game where I used a drawing tablet, it worked okay to make outlines in vector and export to png, import, lock alpha, draw on one layer and export back to png. (I use Inkscape for vector graphics, and Krita for drawing) But it takes time… I wanted to have different art for the flame and grass/vegetation, and character portrait, but time…

Most of the playtest problem come from the use of keyboard buttons which is not standardized, and the lack of instant feedback, to make it possible for both players to make actions simultaneously.

And overall its hard to playtest multiplayer games, so I’m not really sure how well it stands up in the long run. But I really like the local coop on mobile, so hopefully I will have opportunity to find out in the future.


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