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Snow Maker

 The snow storm started a month ago, no rest. So far all the snow has been polluted, dirty or stained. Something is wrong with the sky. The legends tell about the Snow Maker. We are the first expedition going there, and we are going to find the truth.


Snow maker: a fast paced platforming game of dashing between snowflakes and aiming for the sky.


Game pad recommended, the game also have mouse support.

Game pad

Aim – Left stick

Dash – A


Aim – Mouse movement

Dash – Left click

Download windows 1.1, windows 1.0 (game jam version)

SnowMaker Screenshot 3 2017-04-06.png

SnowMaker Screenshot 4 2017-04-06.png

SnowMaker Screenshot 5 2017-04-06


Programming – Christoffer Lundberg

Snow Junk – Jessika Åström

Character Design – Jessica Öhlund

Background Art – Xiaoshu Mayer

Special Thanks – Audun Otherbech & Arctic game lab


Music – Technological Ambience by burning-mir (public domain)

Wale sound (public domain)

Sound effects made in sfxr

Made in Construct 2


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