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W17 Mirror Man


Screenshot from 2017-05-04 18:32:41.png

You meet yourself from the future and embark on a jump and shooting journey to perfecting the world.


Gamepad: d-pad/stick (move), a (jump), x (shoot)

Keyboard: Arrowkeys, x, z

FPS: wasd, space, left click

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Screenshot from 2017-05-04 18:33:01.png

Screenshot from 2017-05-04 18:33:41.png

Screenshot from 2017-05-04 18:34:17.png


Music – Boss Battle 3 (public domain)

Sound effects made in sfxr

Made in Construct 2


I write this a lot later: 2017-05-31, two month after I made the prototype.

Ascendants of Megaman – I made this game because most of the games I have made in Game a Week have tried to make variants of existing game concepts or try to make new ones. Its nice to try different approaches, but for this game I just wanted to make a Megaman clone and use different enemies in the game. I got inspired when I played Legend of Dark Witch 2 for 3DS. Its a variant of Megaman with very simple but interesting enemy design. Theres also a lot of interesting variants on the Magaman formula in that game but I will leave it there.

Enemies/obstacles – I made the basic gameplay and then looked through gameplay of different Megaman games. Theres a lot of Megaman games and a lot of enemies in each game. I already knew that, but I got surprised how much each game contains. Here are some examples:

  • Megaman – 21
  • Megaman 2 – 35
  • Megaman 3 – 47

I also watched Megaman x, and Shovel Knight and others. When I had watched like half of Shovel Knight, I was like: ”I think I have enough mechanics for a lot of game by now”. Most Megaman game don’t reuse enemies or obstacles between the different games, so when theres 21 objects in Megaman 1 none of them are reused in Megaman 2. Some are reused like the builder hat guy Met, and others have variants, like the shiled guy, Sniper Joe from MM1, and Hammer Joe from MM3. (They also have these lists with enemies on the Megaman wiki with names and images, although they lack animation patterns, which was the thing I focused on)

Choosing enemies – Theres a lot that can be said about Megaman enemies but I just wanted some ideas of 5-10 different enemies for this one game. So I made some generic enemy types, which was enemies that would be reused in the different games but with some twist depending on the theme of the level. Heres the list:

  • DropperFly over the screen and drop bombs on the player, MM2 Pipi
  • Shield GuySwitch between having a (1) shiled up, cannot take damage, but deals no damage, and (2) Attacking which lower its guard. MM Sniper Joe
  • Big BomberJust a big mini boss, with a smaller week spot, throwing stuffs in a pattern. MM2 Fiender
  • SpawnerA spawning point which spawns enemies that fly towards the player, when they are killed new one will spawn in a set interval. MM2 Telly
  • TurretA turret that shoots in alternating directions. MMX Turn Turret
  • Jumping Frog(1) Stands stills and (2) jumps towards the player. MM2 Peti Kreg (Super small annoying frogs)

I also included the MM2 Springer, and the fly from Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers, but made it invincible so you have to avoid it by jumping.

More focused levels – One thing I wanted to do differently from Megaman was to have more focused levels. Some of the levels in the Megaman games are trick but the bosses are the ones that really take the scene. I skipped bosses in this game so the level and enemies would be the focal point in the level design. So I tried to make the level more balanced, no item drops and less HP, so every move counts. This is not a big deal in a short game, but if I would make more levels, each level would be roughly one third longer then the demo level, making each level a lot shorter then the levels in Megaman.

Flashing red death screenInspired by Hyper Light Drifter and Samurai Gunn. It was a lot longer in the beginning but one playtester got really annoy of it, so I compared the time to super meat boy and made the death sequence a lot shorter, from 4 to 1 second. Super meat boy has 1 second, but most of the levels are one screen so you see the blood from your last death when you have respawned. The conflict of length of death sequence is that you want to clearly show the player what killed them, but you want it to go as fast as possible so you respawn and can give it another try.

In-game HUD – In Hyper Light Drifter you have this droid floating around, and in one of the prototype videos it displays the players hp. They removed it later probably for clarity, but I still like the idea. Spyro also got it, with sparks, some kind of insect which change between three colors depending how much HP you have. And dead space, with HP meeter at the back of Isaacs space suite, blue glowing spine. The more I make games the more annoyed I get of a lot of HUD on the screen. Its okay with one corner, two is usually to much, and three is like: “Can you let me see whats happening on the screen?”. I know thats its usually hard to have in-game HUDs in a good way, but I usually try to minimize HUD, by removing data in the game. Appearing HUD also works fine. For example, mirror man could have the time appear on each screen exit instead of only in the end of the level.

Segments – In all of the Magaman games, the levels are divided in segments which scroll until you get to a part where it change direction, like from right to up. This game only contains right scrolling, but I still wanted the feeling of having specific segments, so I added the camera lock and scrolling effects one very short parts of the game. Almost like one screen levels. I like it, mostly because each encounter feels more like a specific part when the camera is centered in the middle. Its also easier to see when you progress from one part of the level to the next.

I originally planned to make more enemies and more levels, like 15 enemies in 3-4 levels. But I uploaded the game in its current form and might continue with it later. One problem was that Mirror man was theme less, and that creates problem to decide on different enemies and how they fit in to the levels thematically.



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