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LD38 Toxic Isolation



They can’t get you, but you can’t get out.

Monitor the surveillance of a toxic invasion.

Now in VR!

Use the remote controller to zoom into different monitors and use the turrets to stop the advancing plague.

Download (25 mb)

Ludum dare 38 page


Einar – Programming

Jonas – Modelling

Anton – Modelling

Danne – Sound and Music (Lucky Star Creative)

Christoffer – Utility


Cumbersome to test VR – If I maker more VR projects its going to be necessary to have debug tools which makes it possible to test and play the game without VR. Mainly because of two reasons:

1. It takes time to put on the VR headset – We used HTC Vive, which also require a dedicated area to move around in. This require you to get up and walk over to the area, put on the headset, headphones, find the controllers in VR with the headset on and then try the game. This process makes testing small changes extra time consuming and annoying. We also had the problem that we used one VR set up and the set up was connected to the computer of one of the programmers. If I for example wanted to see how level design or art changes turned out in VR I had to interrupt what ever the programmer was doing, which leads to less frequent testing and/or less productivity for the person sitting next to the VR connected computer. At the end of the project we actually switched computers so art and level design could be tested more frequently.

2. Most people don’t have access to VR – I don’t have a Vive set up. We got the opportunity to borrow one for the game jam, which is great. Because the local jam ends on Sunday and the online jam have the deadline on Monday night, I continued to add stuffs to the game. The problem was that I could not test the game. I could run the game in unity and ensure that at least it didn’t crash, but I could not tweak game play, because I couldn’t play the game.

Few friends have VR – One extra note is that most people cannot play VR game because of the lack of hardware. This is not exactly something new for me or any one else, but it had the effect of most friends being unable to test the game, which I didn’t consider. It was like:

Friend: ”How was the game jam?”

I: ”Great, we made a VR game, you are in a panic room monitoring cameras in your house and shoot slimes.”

Friend: ”Cool :)”

And then I would normally say something along the line: ”Do you want to try it? Its online, and I have it on my laptop”. But because we made a VR game no one could try it. It was like we made a game for NES, or Atari 2600, in a world without emulators. And that sucks. Because I make games because I want to play them and want other people to try them.

Make a PC version of the game then! – So I guess one solution could be to make the game for both PC and VR, so more people can play it. But because of VRs inherent difference, a game that works on both systems would not be very good on both systems. I mean, you can make games that work okay in both, but if you use the motion controllers or move around the physical room, its going to greatly affect the game play of one of the systems.

Missing Ludum Dare Feedback round – Because I couldn’t test the game, we uploaded a version that wasn’t tested. It turned out to not work, but I took some time to figure out and to make changes. I basically went back in Unitys Collab history and restored a earlier version that we had tested and reimplemented the this we updated which was essential, and send it for testing to a friend. That version turned out to work, not having the same problems with the controllers, but instead had a problem with some enemies not dying. By then, the 3 judging weeks had ended. So we missed the feedback round for ludum dare this time. This is also the current version, I tried to fix it, but it turned out to be more time consuming then expected, so we have moved over to other projects instead.

Version 1.1

We had a lot of ideas in and after the game jam, here are some of them:

RC-car – Instead of only having cameras that would shoot the slimes we had one idea about having a RC-car that would move around and shoot the slimes. It would have the ability to see other things, take better positions then the cameras, and be agile to dodge the slimes. But because it would run on batteries it would only have limited movement and if the player was careless the battery would run out and the car would be useless. Until you would pick it up with another car or recharge it. We also had some ideas about have the cars connected to a dog leash, which would limit the cars movement, could be stretched but would involve the risk of losing control of the car if stretched to far.

Different Weapons – Like Grenades, mines, and something about limited ammo.

Enemies – We spend some time thinking about the spawn system, right now it spawns enemies with a random interval on one of the lanes. Then after 5-10s it changes to activate another lain and only spawn enemies there. I added a kind of crawling movement to the enemies in the post local game updated, which I have not play tested, and 3 variants, a slow and tough, fast and fragile, and the mid-range enemy. It would be cool to have more variant, like flying, splitting slime (when you kill it it spawns 3 smaller slimes) etc.

Level 1.1 – It was also plans to make the level slightly bigger, and have multiple routs in each room so you have to look around you to spot all of the enemies. I actually made a plan for the map, which have all rooms interconnected on the map (they are separate right now), made them slightly bigger for more space for different routs, some extra space for more cameras, and a kind of escalation where the longer you play more spawn points open up.



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