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W20 Kvar


2017-06-23 Kvar Screenshot 1.png

A interactive documentary for children as discussion material about death.

2017-06-23 Kvar Screenshot 2.png

2017-06-23 Kvar Screenshot 4.png

2017-06-23 Kvar Screenshot 3.png


Background – This game is not a idea I had floating around in my head waiting to get made, no. I heard about a project where they are making a documentary about a family where one of the parents die, and how the rest of the family survive with it. They want to make a discussion material for the documentary, but instead of making a list of questions, they explored the possibility of making something interactive. Theres books about how to make the best of the situation of children when a parent suddenly dies. Because of the stress involved when a family member die, its not the best opportunity to take in a lot of information from books. Therefore interactive medium are more approachable in these situation. Because I was interested in the project and have the game a week projects running I volunteered to make a prototype for their project, last week. The prototype is going to be used to look for funding, so it might be a longer project in the future.

Preproduction – One of the biggest differences compared to the prototypes I normally make is that this project had material from a long preproduction. It was very fun to work with. Most of the time I have to invent things on the fly, like setting or back story. But in this project a lot of it was already prepared for. That said, a lot of the more detailed information was left blank, and had to be made up on the go. For example one room where you would pop bubbles, and then information would be presented, to make the prototype actual information had to be included. We solved it, and thats one of the benefits of making prototypes, to know what kind of details to focus on, which will make further planning and development more streamlined.

Feedback loops and arches – The prototype was different compared to other games I have made before, mostly because theres no feedback loop. No health or loss condition, no challenge and no win conditions. So its mostly based on its art and narrative content. Thats makes it hard to playtest alone because the content only stay fresh the first time. But works because I was not responsible for the content creation. So basically I make a frame and test it, and then we fill it with content later.

Line art – It was also the first time I made clean up line art on paper and photographed it, without cleaning it up with vectors digitally. Its not exactly high quality, but if I draw it bigger on the paper, and have consistent scale with the line thickness and object size, eg no scaling in the game engine, I think it could look okay. Its nice because with this pipeline all of the art can be made 100% one paper which adds more flexibility, eg no need for a laptop. It still takes some time to make transparent, I use gimp and make a layer mask copy of the image, invert it, which removes all of the white. It also require color correction. But I think these things can be made automated.


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