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W30 Meta Ray Type 1



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Download (56 mb)



Move – WASD / Arrow keys / D-pad / Joystick

Shoot – Space / X / A

Smart Bomb –  Ctrl / B / Z


Shoot Em Up Assets by chabull

Spinning Gems by codeinfernogames

Music by edtijo

Screenshot (64).pngScreenshot (62).png


Post Mortem

I tried to make a shoot em up, experimented with different bullet patterns and then put them out on different enemies. I still have 5-10 that’s not in the level, so the plan is to make a type 2.

Battle Garegga – I was inspired by Battle Garegga. To have a lot of stuffs on the level, boxes with pick ups and a lot of enemies, so you have to choose which to take out. And bosses with destroyable parts. A lot of the older shoot em ups have like 1 or 2 enemies on the screen at the same time, so if you kill them, there’s nothing else to do then wait for more enemies. In later shooters, especially, in Raizing’s shooters there’s a lot of thing you can do, so most of the time there is no time to do everything. Also to not reuse a lot of the same enemies, so the demo got short.

I also added the song title from Batrider: when a new song start to play there’s a caption with the name of the song an a note sign ♩ (of course there is note signs in the ascii code… :) ).

There’s also a lot more in from this game that I didn’t add, like:

  • switching between different shooting modes (I tried Toaplans Hellfire, really well made with the switching in mind),
  • pick ups which drops from enemies and falls down,
  • weapon upgrades,
  • assist droids,
  • dropping power ups when you die so you can collect them again,
  • a complex scoring system,
  • the ranking system,
  • 2 player mode,
  • different ship types,
  • different epic backgrounds on each level,
  • and a lot of levels with different enemies and bosses.

Snowball effect with destroyable parts – One design issues that I noticed is that if you have destroyable parts, or a lot of enemies on the screen at the same time, if you are good at the game, you can kill most of them and then your going to get less bullets back. But if you are a novice at the game your are going to kill less enemies / boss parts, and the boss is going to be a lot harder. Its kind of backwards. This demo has no extreme situation so its okay, but I think a solution could be to have a max limit of active turrets, or if some of them are taken out, the others are stating to shoot more bullets to compensate.

Slow bullets, cluttering up – Another issue I started up with really slow bullets, because I wanted the game to be not so hard, but it got harder because the bullets would stay on the screen a long time, and just making a mess of everything. So I incresed the speed on some bullets, and the speed of the planes.

Static patterns – The boss has a simple bullet pattern, but it got a lot more alive when I added rotation on the tank. Before the pattern would be to static and you could find a a safe spot and just stand there. But when it rotates, the patterns moves with you and became a lot more interesting.

Creative Common Art inspiring programming – It was really fun to work with creative common art. Most of the games I have made before tend to be to specific so its hard to find artwork that fit with it. But I knew that there was a lot of shooter art up on open game art, because I have seen a lot of them when I have looked of other stuffs. So I liked how I just: so what kind of art do I have, yes a plane it should play like this, and I would then implement it. How the art inspired programming. I still have a lot of other assets to hook up, 3 more bosses from chabull shoot em up pack, and some walls, turrets, houses. I then have some packs from Daniel cook (Hard Vacuum, Tyrian, Iron Plauge). These sets require some sorting, so I haven’t started with that yet, and tbe, the chabull set, contained everting I needed except for the explosions and bullets, and pick ups, A, B. And the ship. But tbh its really hard to find a good pack of game art. Most of the time when I find good creative common art, theres like one or two objects, and its really hard to Frankenstein together a lot of different packs. Some times I start to think if the person putting up the art used it for games themselves, or just made some cool sprites and put it up there, because theres a lot more assets that goes into a game then what one might expect. So its nice when I find a entry with a lot of assets in the same pack, which brings some consistency to it. And there’s a lot of art for space shooters out there, compare that to like platformers or something else that require more animation.

How to balance a harder game then what you can play? – Most shoot em ups are hard, like really hard. Usually when I make games, I make games that get to hard from the start, and I need to tune it down some octaves. I havn’t played that much shooters, so the Average player will be a lot better then me on the game. So I haven’t really figured out a solution for this one. Maybe make a slow motion mode and play test it in that way, then turn the speed up for release.

More then difficulty – But tbh I think that a lot of games, they have more qualities then difficulty. This is a thing that really got me thinking. Like, its not hard to make a hard but monotone game, like you fill the screen with bullets, and give the boss a lot of health. But is that game interesting to play? So I think that its easier to make a not super hard game that is interesting to play, and then balance it up so it becomes harder. Then to make a hard game, and then add interesting things to it.

I’m not done with this game, I just wanted to post something about it. So hopefully more stuffs, but I’m not promising anything, my interest tends to wander, and I’m doing this as a free time hobby, so might as well keep it as fun as possible.


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