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W35 Sea Horse Ride


Screenshot (121).png


Point and click prototype for a longer project

Play Online (Not right now)


Oscar – Programming

K – Programming

Christoffer – Puzzle & Story, construct 2 version

Shu – Background

Sofia – Story, Items & Characters


Post- Mortem

We attended a game jam to make the first playable of a point and click project. We had some problems so it wasn’t possible to play through the game at the end of the game jam. So I made a version of the game in construct to try it out and get some play testing.

Play testing – I have made playest for a number of games by now so I kind of know what to expect, but it was different for a point and click adventure. Because the game wasn’t linear people would go different paths or focus more on some details. Some one would instantly get a puzzle where others would wander around or maybe not notice the object that gave hits about it. But over all it felt like the focus was more about the theme of the game, like some lost memory floating around in the water, or how a snake would spy on birds. Compared to most games where the focus is more about mechanics, points or enemies. So each playtest got more personal. I have only made four so far, but most of them was very different. I also notice that the game was fairly long, around 10-15 minutes, which is a lot for a game without any extreme difficulty and no looping content. I think its mostly because of the time it takes to read the text, and looking around.

Aline rooms – When you enter a different room it should be the aline same direction for each . For example if a connection i room A is on the right side to room B, then then connection from room B should be on the left side to room A. Sounds simple but you need to play the game to notice how confusing it is to brake the rule.

Long term goal – We drop the player in the game with no long term or short term goals. Just have a intro part where the main character says something like: “So I got to a forest, can’t see any people here. I wonder if there’s a village close by.”

Not bird and Objects reaction to items – I made the code to put different text when the player drops items on different characters to interact with them. But there simply wasn’t time to put text one all of them. For future projects I think its worth to try to figure out the main items to talk about. And have the more important characters have more reactions to items. The bird was the only object that had lines for different items, and the standard thing it would say was “not bird” (like you show it an item and the only thing is responding is that the item isn’t a fellow bird, aka not so informative).

A description of a items or giving the item – It felt like some times you wanted to hear a reaction from a character what they would say about a item but instead you would give the item to them. It think it would work to have have a toggle button, give or talk.

Goggle eyes – the trees have eyes that points towards the players mouse cursor, it worked kind of well, so its a keeper for later games.

Puzzles – The puzzles need more steps and more preparation about them. I’m also not so sure about having fail states in puzzles. I like the idea to remove the opportunity to brute force puzzles, but it should be very clear to the player that they only got one try. I also like multiple solutions, but there needs to be more information about the items and the characters, because now it felt kind of random.  And especially when some puzzles only require one step of a item you already have, It doesn’t feel like a solution, more like something you happens to stumble upon.

Ambience – There’s short ambience loops in most rooms, like less then 30s. It made a big difference for the atmosphere in the rooms. Also some characters have a sound when you click on them, its nice. But there’s a line, you don’t want to put to much details in because then the player start to expect sound or animations on everything, instead of relaying on the text content for immersion.

Signposting – Most of the dialogue was made as a way to convey information about other characters or puzzles. It feels kind of scares, because when you get to the village of vitters, they talk close to nothing about themselves. So there needs to be a lot more fluff text in between.

Paper prototype – I want to make a paper prototype of a point and click adventure game. Like how to structure the dialogue and puzzles to easily find the next line. I imagine it to be like pen and paper rpgs with a game master. Having print outs of the different rooms, and items on cards, and a lot of tables.


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