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W36 Reline





Push, drag and drill to reline the enormous plates inside a metal grinder.


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The game was made for a local game jam where a company from the mining industry wanted a interactive program the describe their process for kids. We attended the game jam at a science centre (I’m not sure if this is really a thing in other countries, its kind of a science museum for kids to make them interested about the natural science) and got to walk around and try the other attractions. I had multiple ideas but ended up with this one because I had a vision of how it would feel to play, with the sounds and images. And how it was easy to pick up and would be competitive, trying to complete it faster then your friends.

What is happening? – One of the things that ended up being a problem was that you don’t really understand what’s happening. The images don’t really describe the process. Although its images for a trailer they use. It would have worked better with animations. Its also a problem to abstract complicated interactions to one or multiple button presses. Like moving a crane or folding out a bridge.

I think the game ended up being fun, but in the spectrum of fun and informative, its more on the fun side of things, where most people are left with out a clue whats happening. Its a thing I will have to think a little about how to improve. Its always possible to have some kind of informative text and voice overs, and having the mechanical windows bigger.

Other games – But I really like the gameplay and might use it in other games and in other themes.


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