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Snow Maker

 The snow storm started a month ago, no rest. So far all the snow has been polluted, dirty or stained. Something is wrong with the sky. The legends tell about the Snow Maker. We are the first expedition going there, and we are going to find the truth.


Snow maker: a fast paced platforming game of dashing between snowflakes and aiming for the sky.


Game pad recommended, the game also have mouse support.

Game pad

Aim – Left stick

Dash – A


Aim – Mouse movement

Dash – Left click

Download windows 1.1, windows 1.0 (game jam version)

SnowMaker Screenshot 3 2017-04-06.png

SnowMaker Screenshot 4 2017-04-06.png

SnowMaker Screenshot 5 2017-04-06


Programming – Christoffer Lundberg

Snow Junk – Jessika Åström

Character Design – Jessica Öhlund

Background Art – Xiaoshu Mayer

Special Thanks – Audun Otherbech & Arctic game lab


Music – Technological Ambience by burning-mir (public domain)

Wale sound (public domain)

Sound effects made in sfxr

Made in Construct 2

W16 Bigfoot Battle

Bigfoot Battle StartScreen.png

Giants competing with elemental forces of the highlands in a strategic two player duel.


Chose elements – keyboard, mouse or touch

Play Online (also works on mobile)

Bigfoot Battle tutorial.png

Bigfoot Battle Gameplay.png


Made in Construct 2

Public domain music by Juhani Junkala (Level 2)

Sound effects are made in sfxr


The idea of the game is base on a strategy game design book; Clockwork game design by Keith Burgun (Keith Burgun also have a youtube channel which describes the same concepts, don’t take them as objective truth, but as a alternative, and exchange all uses of “games” with “strategy games” or “clockwork games”). The main concept of the book is how to create strategy games with as few components as possible which also don’t use design elements as: fast reactions, memorization, grinding and random outcome. I don’t agree with the author on why these elements should be avoided, but I consider it as a interesting challenge, and Bigfoot Battle is the result. (But rock, paper, scissor was considered as a kind of random outcome, as well as simultaneous actions, but hey I tried )

Its nice to have a limited number of components with almost no parameters, because its a lot less to think about for balancing the game, which is nice in short projects. But its also harder to add new objects. Still theres some ideas about having different elements which change lains, slow down other elements and how different terrains on the levels could interact with them.

Also some ideas about resource gathering as a alternative win condition.

It was also the first game where I used a drawing tablet, it worked okay to make outlines in vector and export to png, import, lock alpha, draw on one layer and export back to png. (I use Inkscape for vector graphics, and Krita for drawing) But it takes time… I wanted to have different art for the flame and grass/vegetation, and character portrait, but time…

Most of the playtest problem come from the use of keyboard buttons which is not standardized, and the lack of instant feedback, to make it possible for both players to make actions simultaneously.

And overall its hard to playtest multiplayer games, so I’m not really sure how well it stands up in the long run. But I really like the local coop on mobile, so hopefully I will have opportunity to find out in the future.

W15 Custom Poems


Custom Poems is a newly found service, which provides customers to order customized poems for tailored occasions. So fare the demand has been very high and the staff needs extra help. Are you ready to aid the liberation of personalized poetry?



Drag words to assemble lines. You can copy words by dropping them on the copy icon in the right corner. Delete words by dropping them in the trash bin. When you are done, click on the camera in the middle, it will also ask you if you want to save the poem as a image file, png. Keep calm and poems for all!

Play Online (runs on mobile)



W14 GodRail


Godlike rail shooter purging the metropolis.


Aim – Mouse

Shoot – Left Click

Play Online



Tilt Background:

Music: (Level 1)

Ground Texture:

Sound effects are made in sfxr:


I originally planed to make another game this week, and spent some time thinking about how to implement it. It didn’t work out, so I made this game just at the end of the week, kind of inspired by Nuclear Throne and rail roads. I got the idea of rail roads a long time ago, I think it was from Jamestown (level 4 mines). I will eventually make the other game idea later, but it shows how its a lot harder to make games top down, start with broad concepts, instead of bottom up, start with the game play. Because when I make games on my free time, its easyer to work on the game when its also playable.

Boost rails, boost power and rhythm enemy – I first planned to have a boost function, where the player can boost or slow down to dodge enemy projectiles. One of the main points of the rail mechanic was to limit the players movement from four directions to two. Mostly because its possible to create more fixed encounters, and to mix up the top down shooter formula. To simplify I just made targets instead of shooting enemies, which made the boost/slowdown redundant. The boost is still in the game, but not necessary because the boost rails/pads already speeds up a lot, along with the section clearing targets. (Which actually cuts down the controls to one button and mouse, which makes a mobile version possible.) I still want to include some kind of rhythm enemy in a future version, like, you have to boost to not get hit by machineries or something.

section cleared target – This object still have a metaphor problem, because the art are really rushed. But its suppose to be some kind of level which speeds up the movement in specific sections, and gives points. So instead of shooting all the targets and waiting for the cart to progress, without anything to do, you shoot the section cleared target and speed it up.

placeholder sound – Super nice to put in placeholder sound early, because it gives direct feedback. It ended up being the final sound, but 8-bit sound works with this game, and fits with the music.

Super big bullet

Laser beam – I also planned to have a laser beam which would hit multiple targets but be really slow to use. So you have to time it right to aline multiple targets. No moving targets made it into the game so it fell kind of flat.
And one use pick ups weapons, and classes with a different ability and stats (like, slow and with boost ability or fast with a shield ability like the classes in Nuclear Throne), I really planned to throw it in, because I had different abilities, (speed up, slowdown, laser, machine gun). But I ended up not doing it because of the lack of variables to change other then that (theres no health, ammo, only movement speed which is kind of limited to change)   and a boss fight (having one rail looping around, different hit targets appearing and bullets to dodge)…

W13 Secret Maze of KLEE


A ball labyrinth game with interconnected rooms free to explore, based on the art of Paul Klee.


Mobile- Tilt

Gamepad – Joystick or D-pad

Keyboard – Wasd or Arrowkeys, Shift or Space for speed up

Play Online

Read more…

Game a Week summary 2016


Platformer Tutorial in Construct 2

Tutorial foto.jpg

This is a intrudoctionary tutorial for construct 2 in making a basic platforming game in 30 minutes. The tutorial was made for a local maker space event where it was used for a lecture and will be used in workshops. There will hopefully be a part 2 with more enemy variations, and a english edition.

Swedish PDF

Use Adobe reader and print it as a booklet, double sided pages. Fold it in the middle and use something pointy to make holes for the stables, approximately 4 cm from the top and bottom.





Minimalistic but more steps then you would think – It was very interesting to make a tutorial. Mostly because theres a lot of them out there and I wanted to make the tutorial as minimal as possible. Where some tutorials start with adding animations and tile sets, this one uses only the bare bone placeholder graphics. And yet when the tutorial contains nothing else it takes surprisingly many steps to complete. When I think about construct and platformers its basically just using the premade behaviors and your done. But no. If its the first time using the interface and you don’t know that you should click one the blue Behavior text instead of the gray one, theres still a lot of confusion involved. I made to play tests, but it probably needs more.

Pictures – One thing that I decided to do that is different from other tutorials out there is to only show the bare minimum that is needed, not only in mechanics but also in words. It is good to have a tutorial that explains things, why you do it, which gives a deeper understanding. But because this tutorial would work in tandem with workshops and lectures it would only work as a reference. And a lot of the time when I read tutorials I find myself looking for a solution for a specific problem and have to read through a lot of thing a all ready know or don’t really are relevant right know. So I wanted the tutorial to be easily referenced and skimmable (skimming… as a verb…). So I decided to have a lot of picutres and only the most basic descriptions.

Printable – I when with some hint boxes, and I probably want more in a updated version, but over all a really like the formate. Also the thing that it was made to be printable. Its a little annoying to want to have a extra line of description, but it doesn’t fit because of the page size. But I really think that being able to print it out adds a lot of versatilaty, to not need to tab around to see what the tutorial says. Of course dual screens are good, but I really like the ability to have physical objects. To be able to skim through it, to take notes, to give it to someone… all the glory to the digital age, but old fashion paper never gets old fashion, not yet at least.

With or with out a art package? – I spend some time looking for nice creative common art, and found some nice tiles from One of them was a super cute hand drawn style platformer, where I got the idea that it would be interesting if people could draw game art for and then scan of photograph it into the computer. Its kind of messy, but I really like the idea of have art that inspires creation. If I would use some nice game graphic, like kennys art the game would look nice, but it would be harder to add something thats not in the sprite sheet, so its like two steps forward and then one back. I also had some ideas of having graphics that kind of screamed “change me”. Like having so ugly art that anyone could change it to something better, or like having in complete levels, where theres like flowers in the beginning, but the maker (I first wrote player…) can continue in the same style.

Complete art package++ – Or like having a tool box of graphics, like from everything, so the maker can choose from different styles and having a lot of content for all of it. Unfortunately theres really few complete game packages out there, and most certainly not that support different variations. Its kind of a idea. Making all kind of art, for a lot of overlapping games. Thats kind of what kenny have done, but the art feels kind of generic, and its not a lot of wiggles room (if you want a mechanic thats not in there you cant pick like a duck from a animal sprites, and combine it with a human to make ducktails). It works but its not inspiring. its not like this art deco pixel style  or these 8-bit throwbacks(by surt) or these space ships (by MillionthVector). I just want to make space shooters when I see them, and I don’t event like space shooters that much. And the glitch graphic… Anyway, I really like the Idea of a complete, or inspiring art packages, kind of make me think of the hobby in Warhammer (Link to my old painting blog). But its also important that its possible to add things to it, so that it can feel expandable upon. Theres a lot of free art there, but not a lot that covers your specific needs, and that works together with different styles.

What kind of tutorial game – One think I have starting to think about totally is about the different generations of players, and what kind of games they references to, as goto, and therefore have a interest to make. For my generation, platformers are totally nice to make. Or shooters, or action games. And in 3D fps. But tbh, if you are 10 now, what are the odds that you have played a standard platformer on with a controller? A more suitable goto game would probably be minecraft, or I don’t know, flappy bird or andgry bird. I just went with the platformer this time, but its a interesting challenge. Because construct 2 is made for a specific kind of games in mind, to make these games easier to make. But what if your aren’t interested to make them. All of the easy to use paradigm falls on the false belief of old game genres. How hard would it be to make a crafting system in construct 2?